The Don Mega GMO #8

Sativa   THC: 28%-30%

The Don Mega GMO #8 is a very particular phenotype of the famous The Don Mega by Solfire Gardens. This cultivar exhibits an aromatic profile that clearly betrays its lineage to the GMO.

Some say it stinks, others say it’s dank, but one thing is for certain, its notes of garlic, cheese, and earth leave no one indifferent. It produces beautiful, sticky, slightly unruly, dark green flowers covered in a thick layer of milky trichomes. With its THC levels through the roof, The Don Mega GMO #8 could provide a sense of joy and euphoric effect, even among the most experienced consumers.

Grown with care in living soil, The Don Mega GMO #8 offers a smooth, creamy smoke experience with a distinctive aroma unique to GMO.



Garlic – Cheese – Earth


Caryophyllene – Limonene – Humulene


Euphoria – Joy – Relaxation


GMO x Black Banana

Growing Method

Indoor – Living Soil

Growing Location


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H26 Sativa

THC 26-30%