Pink Mintz

Sativa THC: 28%-30%

Pink Mintz is a sativa strain that offers a spectacular visual with large forest green flowers tinged with purple and sprinkled with a rich frost of trichomes.

Born from a cross between Animal Mintz Bx1 and Pink Champagne, Pink Mintz combines the most desirable attributes of its two parents. On one hand, its mother, Animal Mintz, passes on a distinctive aroma of pastries and menthol. On the other, it inherits the spectacular coloring and potency from its father, Pink Champagne, enriched with a woody and floral touch. In the end, Pink Mintz represents the best of both worlds with a combination of unusual aromas.

With a high THC content, Pink Mintz is particularly suited for experienced users, offering a balanced effect between euphoria and relaxation. However, it should be noted that its potency may not be suitable for beginners or those sensitive to the effects of THC.



Floral – Woody – Menthol


Limonene – Myrcene – Linalool


Euphoria – Joy – Relaxation


Animal Mintz Bx1 x Pink Champagne

Cultivation Method

Indoor – Peat

Cultivation Location


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Kik Cola

THC 26-30%