Peace Force

Indica THC: 26%-30%

Descending from a renowned family that includes the famous Larry OG, SFV OG, and OG Kush, Peace Force has inherited the flower structure and characteristic aroma of its illustrious Kush lineage. With its complex terpene profile, Peace Force develops a strong and distinctive smell of cheese, complemented by a zest of lemon, a touch of boreal forest, and a hint of damp earth. Connoisseurs might summarize its scent in one word: dank! Originally created by MotherLabs, our Peace Force flowers are grown and refined to perfection by our master growers to be dense and resinous, offering a premium experience for the most demanding consumers looking for a powerful product that could provide a sense of increased relaxation.



Cheese – Citrusy – Woody


Limonene – Ocimene – Pinene – Caryophyllene


Relaxation – Joy


Mother Jam x Slurricane

Growing Method

Indoor – Living Soil

Location of Cultivation


Available in the following product(s)


H30 Kush

THC 26-30%