First Class Funk

Hybrid THC: 28%-30%

First Class Funk is an exquisite creation, resulting from the cross of two renowned strains: GMO and Jet Fuel Gelato. This fusion has given birth to a balanced hybrid variety, offering a unique and nuanced experience.

Its parent, GMO, has passed on a complex aromatic profile, marked by cheesy and earthy notes, endowing First Class Funk with a rare olfactory depth. Jet Fuel Gelato, on the other hand, brings peppery nuances and an energizing effect, propelling the experience towards a stimulating cerebral high. These characteristics combine to form a singular aromatic bouquet, evoking the moist and earthy freshness of a boreal forest, complemented by a pungent gas notes and a subtle cheesy funk.

In terms of effects, First Class Funk could offer a two-phase experience, starting with an invigorating and creative surge, it could then evolve into a deep and enveloping bodily relaxation.

The flowers of First Class Funk are a spectacle in themselves, with their sparkling covering of milky trichomes, testifying to a cultivation and maturation executed without compromise.



Cheesy – Earthy – Vanilla


Limonene – Caryophyllene – Farnesene


Cerebral – Euphoria – Relaxation


GMO x Jet Fuel Gelato

Cultivation Method

Indoor – Coco Fiber

Cultivation Location


Available in the following product(s)


Kik Cola

THC 26-30%