Bleuh.co is an online platform offering a variety of high-quality rotating cannabis-based products. These products are available at SQDC and comply with the laws and regulations in Quebec and Canada. Ideal for the curious looking for novelty.

Yes, all products offered on Bleuh.co are available at SQDC, the Quebec Cannabis Society, and are fully compliant with the laws and regulations regarding the sale and consumption of cannabis.

Only individuals aged 21 and over in Quebec can purchase cannabis-based products in accordance with local legislation. These products are available at SQDC. When you click on the ‘Buy a Product’ tab, you will be redirected to the desired product link on the SQDC transactional site.

The products offered on Bleuh.co undergo rigorous testing and meet SQDC quality standards. Moreover, we collaborate with producers to guarantee the highest quality possible.

Bleuh.co offers a variety of cannabis-based products, such as dried flowers, pre-ground, hashish, vapes, and pre-rolls. Check the online catalog for a complete view of the range. These products are distributed and offered by SQDC under the prevailing laws and regulations.

If you have specific questions about a variety, our customer service is available to provide you with additional information. You can also verify by inquiring at your SQDC.

Freshness of products is one of our priorities. You can check the packaging date on the product packaging at SQDC. If you have concerns about this after purchase, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

To stay informed about the latest new arrivals and exclusive offers, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about new Bleuh arrivals in provincial retailers. You can also follow us on our social networks or regularly check our website for the latest updates.

If you don’t have a SQDC nearby, you can check the availability of our products for online ordering on our website or on the SQDC site. According to the prevailing regulations, there might be delivery options available for your locality.

Our products are in rotation to ensure constant diversity and freshness of our offer. This rotation also allows us to respond to market trends, seasonal harvests, and to regularly introduce new products to customers.