Available batches online

The product batches of Blanh, Bleuh Light, Bleuh, Grindh, Blakh and Goldh are constantly renewed to ensure optimal quality with each purchase. Below, you can find the batches available online at recreational cannabis retailers.

ProductsTypeFormatStrainTHCCBDPackaging MonthBatch
Blanh HybrideFlowers3.5 gGSC Kush26-28%< 2%05-2024105T
Blanh SativaFlowers3.5 gJet Fuel26-28%< 2%04-2024904P
Blanh SativaFlowers15 gJet Fuel26-28%< 2%05-2024705P
Blanh SativaPre-rolls5x 0.5 gJet Fuel Gelato26-28%< 2%03-2024203E
Blanh Style AfghanHaschich3 gGranddaddy Purple Kush X Blue Fire29-30%< 2%03-2024103N
Blanh Style 1980Haschich2 gPine OG Kush29-30%< 2%05-2024405N
ProductsTypeFormatStrainTHCCBDPackaging MonthBatch
Colorado CherryPre-rolls5x 0.5 gColorado Cherry0-1%16-20%05-2024005D
Cherry #3Flowers28 gCherry pheno #30-1%16-20%04-2024904D
H4 Old SchoolHashish2 gBlend0-1%16-20%04-2024R1ME
ProductsTypeFormatStrainTHCCBDPackaging MonthBatch
H26 IndicaFlowers3.5 gPink Slurricane28-30%< 2%04-2024604H
H26 SativaFlowers3.5 gPurple Churro28-30%< 2%05-2024805W
H29 Old SchoolHaschich3.5 gMix28-30%< 2%04-2024204N
Drette IndicaPre-rolls9 x 0.45 gCherry Biscotti28-30%< 2%04-2024604V
ProductsTypeFormatStrainTHCCBDPackaging MonthBatch
H27 SativaPre-grind15 gZsweet27-30%< 2%05-2024205F
H27 SativaPre-rolls14 x 0.5 g


27-30%< 2%05-2024705F
H27 IndicaPre-grind15 gNorthern Blue27-30%< 2%05-2024605F
ProductsTypeFormatStrainTHCCBDPackaging MonthBatch
H30 KushFlowers3.5 gRipped Off Runtz28-30%< 2%03-2024703E
H30 HazeFlowers3.5 gSuper Jack Herer28-30%< 2%03-2024003E
H30 HazePre-rolls2x 0.5 gSuper Jack Herer28-30%< 2%02-2024802E
ProductsTypeFormatStrainTHCCBDPackaging MonthBatch
Kik ColaFlowers3.5 gBlack Candyland28-30%< 2%05-2024405M